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When I was a child, my mother and grandmother liked to visit antique malls. I usually went with them because the alternative was doing boring boys stuff (hello, only brothers), and I was too young to stay by myself. I HATED antiquing. To me it was boring to look through old stuff and, quite frankly, things smelled bad.

Fast forward several years (actual number doesn’t really matter), and I was talking to Lainey about my upcoming move and how I need new furniture. I was looking for funky or unique chairs to replace a love seat and she suggested we try some estate sales. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was a little skeptical and maybe somewhat predjuiced, but I went along with it. Let’s face it, Lainey and her husband have the kind of loft that is in magazines. When you hear her talk about where she finds stuff, it gets you excited and makes you think you can be cool, too.

That next Saturday, Lainey and I started out on our first estate sale adventure together: the season veteran and the rookie (I don’t count past experience since I wasn’t an active participant). We looked at the websites, planned the route, stopped at Whataburger for fuel, and pulled up to our first house. I got a little excited! Walking through the first house, then subsequent houses, I quickly realized how much of a veteran Lainey was: when I touched something, she was able to spit out who made it and gave several quick facts about the piece. All I could do was make a joke at something or admire it. I ended up that day with a pair of candlesticks (see pictures below), a piece of “art” for the wall, Christmas ornaments, and the most awesome pair of wooden chairs (they will have their own dedicated post).

These started out as dark brown boring wooden candlesticks. With a can of spraypaint they are modernized and the carved details really show.

First estate sale purchase in their new home!

That first Saturday was momentous for both of us! For me: I was starting a new hobby–which was important, as I was moving 250 miles away from all of my friends and family. This gave me a link to my friend, as well as something I could do on my own in Oklahoma. For Lainey: I won’t speak for her, but I saw something light up in her eyes, and she was unusually perky for a Saturday morning. For both of us: we saw the start of a partnership that has limitless possibilities and an outlet for our creativity.

Do you remember your first estate sale experience? How was it?