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I have a thing for trunks. (Actually, I have a thing for a couple of things–and one of those things is trunks.) The more travel and hotel stickers, the more history it looks to have, the better! I usually only buy them with handles intact (I made one exception), because old leather gets very dry and crumbly (messy). Other requirements: standard-ish size, unless something unusual (like a shoe trunk or traveling wardrobe); no water damage (if the inside smells musty, just say no–dirt and old-attic-smell you can get rid of, but you don’t want to bring mold home); inside silk must be present and relatively unscathed (I can handle stains); and, most importantly, it’s gotta be attractive!

I use my trunks as an accent table, with a piece of glass on top. Living in a loft means minimal storage space, so having the extra luggage means Christmas and other holiday gear doesn’t get jammed in a Rubbermaid under the bed.

I got these great vintage napkin rings at an estate sale last weekend. I always want to use things right when I get them–but a snowflake is hard to pull off in August (especially as hot as we’ve been!).

Only trouble is, I can never remember what is in which case! So, to solve the problem, I’m taking oversized tags, soaking them in brewed tea (Liptons, nothing fancy), and using a good old fashioned marker to write the label! Of course, vintage luggage tags would be great–but, why spend unnecessarily, especially when my storage needs may change. (Wine certainly not necessary, but does make the project process more fun!)

So – with these great new tags, I now know where to find each season of holiday decorations!

Do you have any creative storage solutions?