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I’m sure most of you are familiar with Canton’s First Monday Trade Days (if not, check out their website). If you haven’t been, I highly suggest taking a day (or entire weekend) to experience it. Trade Days has everything from flea-markety junk booths to Tupperware vendors, antique dealers to handmade furniture and decor, and more. There is definitely something for everyone, and, for the most part, it’s very easy to get a good deal (especially on Sunday afternoons – when vendors don’t want to have to pack stuff up). They operate Thursday – Sunday before the first Monday of the month (hence, First Monday!).

I am not a big spender in Canton. I mostly go for inspiration because I have an aversion to lugging around bags of stuff all day (I am a big fan of artists that have websites where I can visit from the comfort of my home). I went Labor Day weekend with my mom and aunt to see what Canton had to offer. The trip was not disappointing for finding inspiration! One trend I noticed was using old crystal and china for new purposes. I saw a lot of crystal bird feeders and bird baths, jewerlry made from broken china, and lamps made from china tea cups and saucers (I am going to try this!).

Crystal Bird Feeder (from TheLittleRoadSaidGo.blogspot.com)

Repurposing old china and crystal is right up our alley, we love taking beautiful things and finding new and modern ways to use them. Finding a new purpose for something gives it a new life and allows people to appreciate that item all over again. It also lets you try something outside of your normal style.

Piece of China set in sterling silver ring

Another great idea I saw was different ways of displaying vintage lace. One artist used really cool frames and mats to display the lace, while another put the lace between 2 pieces of glass (kind of like lace stained glass). Both display options were gorgeous and helped enhance the beauty of the lace. I happen to have several lace remnants from the early 1900s(ish), and have added the frame concept to my list of ways to use or display these beautiful pieces.

Framed Lace (from FeathersOfGold.blogspot.com)

I got a lot of other great ideas from Canton and will post pictures of the final products once completed (this might take a while).

Where do you find inspiration?