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Every once in a while I happen upon an article that confirms my thoughts about an item.

Take, for example, my Pyrex pattern. My grandmother’s hand-me-downs were solids, so I was primed for one of their classic patterns. As I’m sure you’ve figured out, I really like birds–so when I saw this pattern in a barn at a flea market in Pennsylvania, I just HAD to get it.

The friendship pattern matched my yellow and red bowls perfectly, and continues the kitschy modern vibe of my kitchen (stainless equipment, but I have Fiestaware in every color!). It’s difficult to find, but the hunt makes each piece that much more satisfying.

Fast forward a few years, and a bowl and separated casserole dish later (separate finds!), and Mom sends me this article. Confirmation!

Not only do I think this is a great and unusual pattern, but so does Country Living! I’m ok with how infrequently I find a piece–just means I can help focus on my sister-in-law’s love of the snowflake, and my other friends patterns.

Have you had this kind of confirmation for one of your collections?