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One thing I starting collecting some time ago were single candlesticks, both pressed glass and crystal. I’m not one for symmetry (one of the things Emily and I differ on), and I have an appreciation for the one-off candlestick that is left behind. I’m a trained counselor – I promise there’s no profound reason for this! I think it started because I’m cheap. Really cheap. I don’t mean the occasional coupon cheap…I mean card-carrying Dutch “who’s paying for this” cheap. My family has many stories that contain “then, Lainey said – ‘well, I really LOVE this and I’d really LOVE to HAVE this…but is this my money? Or yours?'” I have no shame. I think it’s a gift. I’m thrifty, creative, and scrupuled. (For the record, I’m not an extreme-couponer. There are some things that are beyond even me!)

Back to the candlesticks. I honestly pick for shape and potential sparkle (when a candle is in and lit), and really only buy ones that are $10 or less. Unless they’re really special. (And my husband pics it up for me because I’m too cheap for my own good.) Like this Venetian glass candlestick. No lie – I took a picture of it in an antique store here in Dallas (off Henderson) and kept it in my phone for over a year. Every time I went back to the store, it was still there. Hubby knew that I loved this particular piece, so when we went to the store together – and he spotted it – he played “let’s make a deal” and scored it for me!

All but one are vintage (can you figure which one isn’t?). They’ve come in handy when we’ve had romantic dinners and power outages. There’s a chance I change the candle colors to match the season (but I don’t do it for Advent…but that’s a thought!).

I keep a binder full of pictures and articles and other home design-type things. Everytime I add a new article, I review, and sometimes thin–and I ran across this confirmation. I love the way that BH&G words their caption: “None of these glass candlesticks is exceptional, but grouped together they are a worthy collection.”Do you have any collections where a single piece is unremarkable, but the whole is outstanding?