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Starting a vintage collection, of any kind, can be a little difficult. Questions like “How do I integrate this?” or “Where do I put it?” often arise. When I’ve found something that is new, outside of my norm/decor, or just a one-off, I find that I always start it on a bookcase! Integrated into my comfort zone, these new vintage finds live next to my books – old and new – which are always accepting!

Here are a few examples:

I actually re-wired this vintage telephone when I had a land-line; however, now it’s just decor.

My family is Dutch, so it’s tradition to have one of these Delft clogs. Mine is nestled in with some vintage books.

I’m a mental health therapist by trade, so having this The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud is a prized possession! The antlers are vintage (and were left natural).

I’ve always liked coral, but wasn’t sure how to display it, so I put it in this glass canister.

Another set of bookshelves holds all of our DVDs and games, but also has one of my favorite displays: my husband’s mother’s vintage Lladro (straight from Spain!), which is grouped with some vintage books about Scotland (hubby’s heritage), a bottle of Perrier-Jouet, a collection of Rudyard Kipling’s stories (printed in the 1920s, when swastikas were a symbol of peace, not Nazi-ism), and other decroative vintage books.

On yet another bookshelf (yes, we love books!!) are my husband’s childhood Hardy Boys series (now vintage!), his Soviet Premier Matryoshka dolls, and a really neat paper trunk.

These collections will likely stay on the bookshelves, as I’m not sure if I want to go further with them – I like them as one-offs! However, the candlesticks that I’ve shown in previous posts once started as a bookshelf anomaly, and they’ve made it out to a life on their own!

And, once I had an idea of ways I could display coral (I played around with that piece in the canister for a LONG time), I decided to more predominantly display a piece, along with antique mother-of-pearl opera glasses and other items, atop a silver platter on my dining room table.

What other approaches have you taken when integrating new collections?