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Every once in a while we come across something that is literally trash. While the value and use of this item has been lost to someone else, it easily becomes our treasure! While visiting a really great sale, I came across this painted piece of plywood that had beautiful blue colors.

This is a piece of a wooden crate that used to hold the previous homeowners’ son’s early art pieces (his name is Kyle Ragsdale – here’s his site!). The estate company had it propped against the side of the house, waiting to go into the trash! I couldn’t afford the artist’s real work and his childhood paintings weren’t really my style. I asked the woman working the sale if the board was for sale, and she kind of looked at me with a why would you want a piece of trash? look, and said “How about $2”? I agreed, and now have a new piece in my art collection!

Because it is unsigned (the picture above is from the back of another work), it has little monetary value. However, I think it is gorgeous, and I have a great story to tell when people ask. My next challenge is figuring out how to hang it!

Do you have a story of finding treasure in someone else’s trash?