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Recently Lainey and I were at a moving sale in Dallas, and we came across – you’ve guessed it – a pair of stamped Hitchcock chairs!  These were maple chairs with signature stenciling…AND a Hitchcock stamp in the back.

One of the fabulous ladies working the sale saw us examing the chairs and started to chat with us. She said she had been eyeing those chairs all day and was unsure if she should buy them.  I was really happy to “show-off” my Hitchcock chair knowledge! Using the stamp on the back of the chair, I could tell her when the chairs were produced and whether or not they were replicas or real.  These chairs had backwards “N’s” and “L. Hitchcock,” meaning they were probably manufactured post-1946 when the factory reopened.

Even though these chairs were not “original” Hitchcocks, they were beautiful chairs. And, with a little encouragement from us, I think they found a happy new owner.

This was definitely the Saturday of the Hitchcock chair – as we saw this beauty at the next house!

This rocker is also post-1946 – as the Registered (R) mark wasn’t used in the 1800s!

Have you seen someone else collecting or selling something you’re into?