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My friend Megan has this GREAT blog (here!) where she talks about all things. She’s got great recipes, wonderful reflections, and a keen eye for things that need spraypaint.

Have you ever moved into a new place that has a perfectly fine and functional light fixture that you find yourself fixating on? Meg was in that sitch…so she did something about it!

Here’s before:

Ready for one of the quickest how-to’s I’ve encountered?

One…take off the globes and tape over the electrical bits:

Two…Spray glossy white. The whole thing. Just go to town! (note: I’m assuming you’ve put down a dropcloth)

Three…Add some sparkle with vintage chandelier crystals. (I’ve always found that random pairings are cheaper than a whole set – so keep your eye out for odd numbers or for ones that have the same pattern, shape, or just look good together. I vote to stick with clear.)

Four…put your globes on and your lightbulbs in — you’re done!

I think white is unexpected, modern and glam – everything a dining room should be!

Thanks, Meg, for the inspiration and for the pics!

Here’s confirmation that Meg’s not the only one with a hankering to make brassy things better!

The Nest - Summer 2010

Have you ever redone lighting to salvage or update what you already had?