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One of the reasons we love doing what we do is because people search and search – sometimes for years – for the things we find on any random Saturday. It’s really just simple math: we go to as many sales as we can, as often as possible – so we’re bound to run into whatever it is you’re looking for!

Take, for instance, our friend Kelly. Kelly’s mom is a music teacher who adores the opera. (For the record, I do, too! My Sweet Hub is a Tenor!) Kelly said that she’d love a pair of opera glasses to give to her mom for Christmas. Here are Kelly’s words:

She’s got very poor vision.  She also loves Texas Sports, and with those [opera glasses]  small enough to put in her purse, she can take them to football or basketball games.    So, classy + sports fan = awesome! She also has a collection of music boxes so they’ll fit right in there when she’s not using them!

So, I’ve kept my eye out for the perfect pair of opera glasses…

An added perk of having The Attic Birds on the prowl for your vintage dream is that we’ll come across things we think you’ll like, just based on knowing some things about you. Kelly’s husband is an attorney, so when I came across this book at the Antique Show we talked about this fall, I just knew she would love it. (Please ignore the poor picture quality – it was an excitement-induced shake!)

Now Dan Cushing, Esq, has an applicable and truly unique Christmas stocking stuffer that will look great in his office!

Shortly after I was commissioned, I found Kelly’s opera glasses at an estate sale. They’re very similar to the glasses pictured in the Antique Elegance preview post— except I got them at estate sale pricing! The mother-of-pearl is undamaged, the patina on the brass is beautiful, and they are still functioning!

So, for a small finder’s fee, Kelly now has the perfect Christmas gift for her mom. Success!

If you have anything you’d like us to keep an eye out for, please email us at TheAtticBirds@gmail.com!