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This Christmas season we’d like to extend an invitation to our readers to share their stories about re-inventing family decorations and making old things new! Please send your story for consideration to TheAtticBirds@gmail.com.

We start with a dear friend (and recent shopping commissioner) Kelly:

“Christmas trees. The first known “Tannenbaum” song lyrics date back to 1550 (Wiki) and they continue to delight and engage adults and children alike.  When I was little, my family always traveled to Oklahoma to see my father’s family. My grandfather, whom I called Paw Paw, loved ornaments and decorating trees.  His tree was saturated with ornaments in an opulent display of color and texture. I loved to sit and stare at the tree, just looking at the ornaments ands hearing him talk about where they came from or which ones my dad and aunt made.  (Side bar – he could also cut wrapping paper in a straight line with a ruler, rather than scissors.  I found that fascinating.)  When I was thirteen, Paw Paw died, and his tree along with him.  The ornaments went to storage and lived on only in Christmas memories with our family…or so I thought.  Last year my aunt told me she had saved some of the ornaments but that they were in bad shape.  I wanted them anyway.  Last year, I wasn’t creative; I just hung them on the tree.  I didn’t have Lainey’s or Emily’s mind to harness, and I hadn’t read The Attic Birds blog..  But this year, I remembered how cool Lainey thought my great grandmother’s old champagne flutes were, and decided to use those to decorate!  I gathered the most meaningful ornaments and some great ribbon.  I filled two wine glasses and two vintage champagne glasses with ribbon and nestled these special ornaments inside.  Others I used in my center piece: I got a great silver cake platter from an estate sale this summer, and I strung ornaments on ribbon and laid them around an amaryllis I’m growing.  I feel like Paw Paw is with me, telling me the stories and wrapping presents this holiday season.  And isn’t that the point?  To remember and keep loved ones near us by cherishing the things they cherished? So thanks, Attic Birds for your great ideas and inspiration.  Paw Paw would be proud.”

Thanks, Kelly, for sharing your sweet story and your Christmas decorations! Filling barware with vintage ornaments is a fantastic way to liven up your house!

Have you used vintage ornaments in places other than your tree?