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Wish lists seem to be the thing to do in blog-land right now – and why wouldn’t they be? We’re all passionate about something, and it’s a lot of fun to help others get interested! So, here is The Attic Bird’s Holiday wish list as well as a shopping guide for those in your life deserving of something a little more interesting…


A fur car coat, preferably in blonde mink or fox, with bracelet length sleeves. (A wish list means I can be super choosey, right?) This one from StellahsGroove nears perfection!

The perfect cabinet to use for china – but not necessarily a china cabinet. I saw this in a sale preview last week – and it was gone by the time I got there! The Red Hen thinks this was a doctor’s medicine cabinet in a previous life – which makes it that much more interesting!

1940s Hollywood style vanity – you know, the ones covered in mirrors? Nothing says glamour like glitz and shine! I love this one from 1stdibs.com – a little bit of damage on a piece of furniture over 70 years old is nothing! Especially with a mirror like this one from shop12hudson!


Three or four vintage can openers. I’d like to start a collection, but I don’t want to start with just one. I got the idea from a woman who collected toasters. If she can collect toasters, why not can openers? (just kidding, Santa!) I like the diversity in this set from StapesTreasureTrove and the kitsch of this one from TheVintageMollyShop.

A stuffed horn frog. I went to TCU, and though taxidermy typically makes my skin crawl, a reptillian mascot would be a nice addition to my mantle. Actually, on second thought, I think I’d prefer vintage TCU gear – like this button from TexasSkye. It doesn’t have eyes.

Vintage brooch, preferably diamonds, in a non-yellow gold setting. This set of brooches from Lang Antiques has got the sparkle factor-and versatility-I’m looking for!

Wall mirror with an intricate frame. Maybe one with a little un-silvering, just for character. I don’t actually know where I’d put another mirror, but I really like them. PinkWilly506 has this great one!

Be sure to see our Holiday Gift Guide to find solutions to those gift conundrums! And, we’ll be out every weekend from now until Christmas (including Christmas Eve morning, if there are any sales!), so if your Santa needs help finding the perfect finishing touch to Christmas tree or present pile, let us help! Email TheAtticBirds@gmail.com for additional information.

In the mean time, happy hunting!

Is the perfect fur or an insta-collection on your Christmas list?