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The post-Christmas blues hit me every year; this year is no exception. The Christmas tree meets it’s mulchy end, the ornaments are go back in their boxes, and the furniture is returned to it’s normal placement. No more pine needles, no more broken ornaments (note: our cats have a penchant for only the vintage ones), no more cinnamon-scented pine cones. While I understand that all good things must come to an end, I am acutely aware of the void left at the end of December. This was the first year I felt like I hit a great balance between vintage and new, and really enjoyed having vignettes in every room. So, to combat the empty feeling, I’ve taken photos around my loft and at the Red Hen’s house, and will celebrate Christmas one last time!

A few spotlights in my loft: I’ve used live greenery and a LOT of vintage Shiny Bright ornaments. I recently purchased a great little Fenton art glass dish – the milky white looks great with the red and blue ornaments. There’s a picture of my two favorite ornaments: a clip-on glass bird that’s on a spring, so it bobs its head, and a set of Delft Dutch shoes that are filled with 14k gold, tied with a piece of ribbon in my husband’s tartan. Lastly, I found a lot of hand-painted GE Christmas Tree Lamps (not lights!) – some in the original box!

A few of Red Hen’s spotlights: a fantastic old circular crate that she used as a centerpiece, a great collection of bottle-brush trees, her stunning Christmas tree filled with vintage ornaments, and a great Christmas banner that depicts Washington’s crossing of the Potomac.

Are there any decorations you wish you could leave up all year?