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Sorry for the delay! I have no good excuse – other than I wanted to be sure that The Best Of really was the best we had to offer!

In no particular order, my favorite finds from 2011:

Vintage Tiaras. Of course Emily and I had a photo opp! But, we left these for other princesses to find.

Mink Coat. Designer (but I’ve forgotten who). HEAVY – like 20 pounds of fur to keep you warm! Who needs practicality?

1930s Blowdryer. This thing was a beast to pick up – I would have had to live with frizzy wavy hair back then.

Vintage Chanel. I think circa 1980s (hello Gordon Gekko!). I’ve worn them excessively, and plan to continue. And, they were a STEAL!

Vintage Armani. He always does the best red! Probably circa 1980s. Once Emily finds the perfect place to wear it, we’ll feature another pic!

Again, Chanel. This time – track suits!

Acid Wash and Airbrush Dallas Jean Jacket. Not vintage, but AWESOME nonetheless.

Boxspring. Has a whole new meaning now, doesn’t it?

Vintage Hat with Veil. I’ll talk more about hats in another post, but I do think that they are a very dapper addition to any outfit.

Louis XVI Settee. If only I had the money and the space for that!

1950s Romanesque Cocktail Shaker Set. I should have bought it but didn’t. I was shopping for a friend and she didn’t like it. Why didn’t I consider myself?

Hitchcock Chairs. Found on Emily and my first trip estate sale-ing together! It was just meant to be.

1939 Emerson Electric Fan. This was such a great find and a really fun project to work on.

And last, but certainly not least:

Venetian Glass Chandelier. This picture does it NO justice. It was INCREDIBLE. And, surprisingly, affordable – for what it is. Unfortunately, $500 was out of my budget (like, $490 out of my budget)….so I’ll commemorate it with this picture, and hope it comes back around some day.

Now I’ll get to work on The Worst Of and The Weirdest Of TAB’s 2011 Estate Sale-ing Adventures!