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Recently the Red Hen decided that she really missed the 60’s. Well, she really misses the clothes of the 60’s. And the 70’s. The 60’s had shifts, swing coats, mod styling, Jackie-O and great hats–well, until women revolted and decided not to wear them any more–why did we do that? And then into the hippie garb around ’68 and into the 70’s. Great stuff, easy to wear. Much better than the form fitting waists and wiggle dresses of the 40’s though early 60’s. I never really had a Mad Men body. I especially remember the dropped waist dresses, cut as an A-line. Very pretty and very flattering.

I love to browse online for vintage clothing, and I love some of the vintage clothing websites. But lately, I’ve noticed there are some entrepreneurial women who are sewing again–hurrah! Their clothing seems to have taken a page from the the lines of the 60’s, but updated, with a wonderful freshness. Visit some of these sites: Jeanne Oliver Designs, Indygo Junction, and of course, many of the fine new vintage inspired clothing designs for sale on Etsy. Or, scour eBay for patterns and get sewing!

My most recent pattern finds from ebay include some that I had and foolishly discarded thinking they were out of style. All I had to do was to wait 40 years!

Do you wear vintage fashion? Or, do you sew from vintage patterns?

-Red Hen