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We’ve unofficially deemed January, “Vintage Clothing Month”! While vintage is great all year long, it has been a topic we just can’t stop talking about (I think it is because both of us are collectors of clothing – from all eras). I definitely have a propensity for wearing vintage clothing. Not only does throw-back style often come back into current vogue, there’s a lot of it that never really left. I’ve found that the fabric was made to last (including all of that terrible 1960-70s polyester!), and the cuts were frequently more generous and flattering for a curvy girl.

Here’s a look at some of my favorite vintage pieces!

My friends threw me a surprise Tacky Prom birthday party a few years ago – and though I take credit on most of my fashion choices – this was all their idea. I was a little thrown by the sequin/floral combo of this dress, but it was nothing a little tiara and some killer strappy sandals couldn’t fix!

This 1970s mini-dress is great for the summer. Though it is very short, the thick canvas material hangs well and helps make me feel fully covered. I paired it with modern hair and accessories to keep it less hippie and more hippie-chic.

This vintage dress is an incredible combination of hand-worked filet-crocheted flowers and border on a tulle bodice, with vintage satin in the lining and a vintage slip. The dresses of the 1950s had much more structure and texture than those of today, and I’m thrilled to have this in my closet for when an event calls for something more interesting than an LBD.

This dress is one of my all-time favorites – vintage or not. The deep V of this dress is ultra-flattering, and the little velvet buttons and trim add depth to an otherwise black acetate dress.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I do love a fur. This is one of two of my stylish great-grandmother’s – it’s lamb with a mink collar. I love the swing-cut of this coat – makes it perfect for everything from dresses to jeans!

The only vintage things I wore on my wedding day were my husband’s mother’s pearls and my great-grandmothers mink stole. But, my dress was definitely a classic style, and the birdcage veil added another dimension of old-Hollywood glamour.

Since we are making “Vintage Clothing Month” official in January, we’ll have to come up with something good to celebrate it next year! Or, maybe we’ll just celebrate all year long – why would we limit something so awesome to just 1 month?!