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Our Unofficial Vintage Fashion Month came to an end yesterday, and we’re certain that we’ve whet your appetite for vintage fashion of your own! Here’s a quick list of our favorite shops in Texas:

Vintage Martini – Colleyville

I’ve actually never made it out to Ken’s store, but I’ve been an online peruser of his boutique for years. Ken joined the ranks of The Antique Elegance Show a few years back, and his space is always brimming with fashionable people. His draw? His prices are reasonable, he has a wide selection, and he’s got great representation across eras.

The Cat’s Meow – Midland

Steven POrterfield is a antique and vintage textile legend. So much so, that he’s an appraiser on Antiques Roadshow! Vera Wang buys antique lace from him! Hollywood set designers buy period clothing from him for movies! Stylists from around the globe seek him (and his eye) out! He even bought a wedding dress for me at an estate sale – purchasing my exact size and style without ever asking. The man is brilliant, and so is his staff. He, too, has a great space at The Antique Elegance Show (he is the promoter, afterall!) – with forms on display with clothing from the 1700s and a large selection of truly wearable garb.

Feathers Boutique Vintage – Austin

This is a must-stop whenever I’m in Austin (this, and Sweetish Hill Bakery). They have a huge selection and you’ll always find what you were looking for – or better! The displays and staff at FBV always surprise me into trying to wear something I would have otherwise just thought “hey – that’s neat!”

Ahab Bowen – Dallas

After 35 long years in Dallas, they’ve closed their historic Uptown Shop. But, as the message on their answering machine says, don’t cry! They’ve moved their inventory into Dolly Python!

Dolly Python – Dallas

Dolly Python is one of those stores that you walk around and realize that you’ve been there for 3 hours — in the best way possible. Talk about diversity! They’ve got everything from Ahab Bowen’s luxury vintage designer bags to embalmed mice in glass domes. You never know what you’re going to find…so it’s best if you shop frequently!

You’ve been equipped. Go forth and shop!