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Ok ok ok…I need just one more vintage fashion post (for now!) – there’s just too much good stuff out there to be seen and worn!!!

Posh Girl Vintage: Red Hen and I have been frequent visitors of Posh Girl Vintage for YEARS! They have things categorized by style (wedding, LBD, dresses, etc.) – which is a great way for them to expose their shoppers to eras they previously wouldn’t have considered! (You can select by era once in a category.) Though sometimes a major bummer, I do appreciate that they leave their sold items online for a period of time – it helps you see not only what a great selection they have, but what someone paid for an item. Posh Girl Vintage has swimsuits, apparel, accessories – just about anything you’d want! My favorite item on their site right now?

It’s rare to see a matching scarf and jacket still (1) together and (2) with a scarf that is fully intact. This. Is. Fabulous. And, at $69, it’s a great buy! (here)

The Frock: The website’s tagline is “Antique. Vintage. Couture.” It conjures up in me the same feelings that Dorothy must have had on the Yellow Brick Road: Givenchy, Halston, and Dior, oh my!! The selection of designer and couture gowns on this site is unparalleled. I found The Frock several years ago as I was searching for a wedding dress (or style) that I liked. As I previously mentioned, I didn’t wear a vintage dress on my wedding day, but I certainly considered it! (I even had one purchased for me by the Steven Porterfield — but I just couldn’t bear having it altered – it’s just too beautiful!) Now I’ve been introduced to designers I was previously unaware of, and I now have a tendency to “quiz” myself as I’m looking through the site. The Frock really brought vintage GLAM fashion to life for me – it wasn’t just pretty pictures in books, it was made accessible!  My favorite thing on this site? All of it. I CAN’T CHOOSE JUST ONE! In fact, I could write an entire post on each article of clothing listed! Here are my favorite two dresses:

Who doesn’t want to wiggle like the iconic Marilyn Monroe? William Travilla made sexy super sexy by covering the body and utilizing fan pleats and slits with great purpose (and restraint). The bronze dress with rhinestone/beaded accents is the perfect “look at me” dress. I think you slink in this dress, not walk. (here)

Can Christian Dior do any wrong? This dress and ermine coat is unreal. Glittery and shimmery but understated and not brash. I can’t even describe the emotions I have – please excuse me while I photoshop my head onto this form… (here)

Vintage Martini: I knew about Vintage Martini long before the Antique Elegance Show. Ken has a great selection and spans all eras from Victorian through the 1980s. He’s also got a great selection of ephemera, photos, and barware.  My favorite thing on his site right now?

This Dachshund Dress from the graveyard! For $18, I can handle fading down the left sleeve! Imagine this paired with nude pumps and some kelly green accessories? Effortless vintage chic! (here)

If the above sites haven’t convinced you to buy and wear vintage clothing, allow me to appeal to your sensible side: Think about all the good you’re doing for the earth and it’s resources by recycling.

Now, off to some estate sale closets to play in!