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Emily was in town last weekend for the first TAB Estate Sale-ing Adventure of 2012! It was SO good to have my partner in crime with me in-person, rather than on the phone!

One of the sales we went to was Think Twice Design – and it was love at first chair! The front yard was scattered with random chairs painted and covered in an assortment of colors and fabrics. Let’s back up for a second – the house itself is worthy of a mention! I do so love a Craftsman Cottage – the front porch alone was to die for! See for yourself!

Upon entering the house, I knew that we’d immediately get along with whoever was in charge. The furniture ranged from mirrored Hollywood-style to rattan to velvety, and covered everything in between.

Of course, I found pieces that needed a lot of love and rehabilitation – I could see their promising future!

And Emily, a girl after my own heart, found this chair speaking to her.

Here were a few other things we found:

In the end, we bought a few vintage metal trays (that will be transformed into magnetic pinboards) and this fabulous iron chandelier (which will get a makeover) — all to be sold in our upcoming Etsy store!

We knew we liked the guy taking our money – but we really bonded when we went back for the second time – when we were greeted with a giant smile, a “hey chickadees!” and a run down of how he reformed our favorite pieces. As it turns out, an artist and designer named Christian owns the home and runs his design business from it’s comfort. He also has spaces in White Elephant, Lost Antiques, and Hollywood Floral.

When you’re ready for something traditional yet out of the ordinary, Think Twice!