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I think a lot of people are worried that if they use antique or vintage pieces in a room it will make the room look old and more like their grandparents’ house than a modern stylish room.  The thing is, you can incorporate the old with the new and create a room that uniquely shows off your style and has pieces that have a story of their own.  To illustrate my point, I wanted to create a guest room that was comfortable and cheerful.  The room is really a mix between old and new, high-end and low-budget (some stuff is from Wal-mart).

On the large wall opposite the closet, I decided to start a wall collage with bird-themed pictures.  I have two stretched canvas prints that I paired with a framed embroidered silk piece that I picked up at an estate sale.  I am hoping to continue to add to this wall and create something that looks like it came out of Pottery Barn catalog.

On one side of the bed I’ve got a couple of suitcases that once belonged to my great-grandmother.  Her initials are stamped on the front, EHT, and they are in fairly good condition.  I’ve stacked these on a small stool I found at Junque in the Trunk in Waco, TX.

The other side of the bed is narrower, so I’ve repurposed a stacked shelf from my closet that used to hold my sweaters and clutches.  My mom gave me a pair of small glass lamps that I put new shades on and have one on each side of the bed.  At Hobby Lobby, I found these really cool paper flowers for less than $4 a piece and cut them down to fit 3 milkglass vases I picked up at a garage sale.  Rounding out the bedside decorations is a picture of friends in a wooden frame to bring in some neutral tones, another picture in a silver frame, and the glass pitcher that I found at Christmas.

Eventually I’d like to get a headboard for the bed, make some window treatments, find a silver tray the right size to protect the top of the suitcase, and more things to hang on the large wall.  I will also probably try to find a way to jazz up the lampshades a bit.

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