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We’ve surpassed 3,000 total hits since our we started off – just six months ago! Thank you to all of you who read us and share us – we think you’re great!

We’ve decided to expand our presence, so you’ll now find us on Facebook! Like us and get access to information that is unique from the blog.

Also, Follow Us on Twitter! We tweet as we’re out and about – at estate sales, antique shows and stores, and everywhere we find inspiration.

And, last but certainly not least, we’ll soon be launching an Etsy store! Nothing is up yet – but you can take a look at the things we’ve favorited and add us to your circle!

In preparation for our store’s launch, we’d like to engage you in a veritable Game of Things! Each Mid-week Quickie from now until we open will be dedicated to one of the five Ws (and one H) of research (and police investigations), as it pertains to items that will be in our store:
Who made it?
What is this?
When was it made?
Where did it come from?
Why is it collectible?
How can I buy it?

We encourage comments, questions, discussion, and – most importantly – answers in the comment section below.

The first reader who answers the most questions correctly over the next 6 weeks will win 50% off one item in our store!

Also, the reader who has the best answer overall each week (as deemed by The Attic Birds) will win 20% off one item in our store. The weekly winner’s answer will need to be compelling both in content and in clarity.

Both winners will be announced at the beginning of the following week’s Mid-week Quickie.

We’ll start this week off with the WHO?:

Who made this item?