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Though no one got the correct answer, we’re giving credit to Randall for his almost answer to last week’s contest: WHAT? Randall said his mom kept her pearls in one of these – which means she had great taste by using a jewelry casket for her precious items! This Saturday’s post will feature jewelry caskets, including some pictures of ones we’ll have in our store!

For those of you just joining the fun, here’s a re-cap of the rules:

The first reader who answers the most questions correctly over the next 4 weeks will win 50% off one item in our store!

Also, the reader who has the best answer overall each week (as deemed by The Attic Birds) will win 20% off one item in our store. The weekly winner’s answer will need to be compelling both in content and in clarity.

Both winners will be announced at the beginning of the following week’s Mid-week Quickie.

Now for this week’s challenge – WHERE?:

Where would this item normally be found?