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Congratulations again to Hoolie for her correct answer and to Nancy for the best explanation for last week’s contest: WHERE? These are indeed vintage tray tables that “lock” into place on a metal stand!

Our friends over at Wiki had this to say about their origin: “TV tray tables became popular in the 1950s as a way to hold food and beverage items while watching TV, the iconic item being a TV dinner. National advertising for TV tray tables first appeared in 1952, a full year before Swanson introduced the TV dinner in October 1953.” Tray tables are portable, easy to use, quickly tucked away, and the perfect solution to needing just a bit of tabletop whenever you need it.

I don’t know about you – but recent offerings of these super handy tray tables are awful. Yes, they’re a utilitarian piece, but that doesn’t mean they can’t compliment your decor and be attractive!

Emily found this great set of tray tables – with their original stand – at an estate sale we went to the other weekend.

Unless someone speaks up now and demands the set as a whole, Emily is using her crafty magic and creating these fabulous magnet boards – which will be found in our upcoming Etsy Store!

Now – have you made your guess for this week’s contest: WHEN? Go! Now!