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Congratulations to last week’s contest: WHY? correct answer winner: Nancy! Not only did she have an extremely correct answer, she answered just MINUTES after we posted! Way to go, Nancy! You’ve broken the tie and have the lead! And you’ve basically written our Saturday post! Stay tuned to this Saturday when we talk more about marked pieces.

Honorable mention also goes to Karen – her answer of “they’re just pretty” may indeed be the best reason to collect anything – especially this kind of jewelry! For that reason, Karen wins the Best Answer award and gets 20% off one item in our to-be-launched Etsy store!

For those of you just joining us – welcome to the last week of our contest! Here are the rules:

The first reader who answers the most questions correctly during the contest will win 50% off one item in our store!

Also, the reader who has the best answer overall each week (as deemed by The Attic Birds) will win 20% off one item in our store. The weekly winner’s answer will need to be compelling both in content and in clarity.

Both winners will be announced at the beginning of the following week’s Mid-week Quickie.

Now for this week’s challenge – HOW?:
(This week has multiple questions, so feel free to answer part now and part later. All parts must be answered to count as a win!)

How can I buy the awesome stuff that I’ve seen in the contests?

How can I stay up-to-date with what’s going on with The Attic Birds?

How can I know I’m buying good stuff?