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Congratulations to last week’s contest: HOW? correct answer winner: Hoolie! She’s certainly been paying attention to our posts!

Well done, Nancy and Karen! Your Best Answers won you 20% off one item in our new Etsy store!! (check your email)

The tie-breaker between Nancy and Hoolie is this: whoever answers the following question correctly and first, wins the 50% off one item grand prize! If you read our blog regularly, you should know where to find the answer! Here’s the question:

Are Emily’s Hitchcock chairs authentic?

Good luck to you both! May the odds be ever in your favor. (please excuse my Hunger Games geek moment)

Here are the answers to last week’s challenge – HOW?:

How can I buy the awesome stuff that I’ve seen in the contests?

OUR ETSY STORE!! We’re pleased to announce the grand opening of The Attic Birds on Etsy! Some of the items listed are vintage things we’ve “upcycled” for new uses, some are just great things we’ve stumbled across. We hope you enjoy! Click here to shop!

How can I stay up-to-date with what’s going on with The Attic Birds?

Friend us on Facebook (here) and Follow us on Twitter (here). There’s unique content from our blog, as we’ll post and tweet as we’re out and about. Saturday mornings happen to be our favorites – there’s some really hilarious stuff at estate sales, and we can never resist trying stuff on!

How can I know I’m buying good stuff?

Nancy’s answer to this question last week was correct – we don’t know everything about everything. However, we do know lots of people who know lots of things – and we’re happy to be the conduit to you gaining knowledge! Think of The Attic Birds as your vintage consult – we’ll help you do some research and then send you in the right direction to do more digging. Send us an email! We’re also happy to do a blog-post on something that interests you. Really into collecting things like buttons or beer things or bears? (oh my!) Drop us a line! If we can get enough information on it, we’ll do a post!

Thanks to all of you who participated in our contest! We had a great time fishing for answers, and we’re really impressed by your knowledge!