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I know that brass is hot and in vintage vogue right now…but I’m just not ready yet. But, I’m ALWAYS ready for a slightly sparkly, matte but shiny coat of spraypaint.

Emily picked up these shapely candlesticks at an estate sale a few weeks back:

I cleaned them up with a wet rag and a little bit of time. You’d be AMAZED at how much grime gets in those grooves!I waited for a sunny day and sprayed them – just one coat was needed:

Then waited for them to dry!

They kind of glow in sunlight and shimmer in the spotlight (and flash). These candlesticks aren’t the same – but look fabulous together! Putting together like items in threes is a great way to get around having a patched pair/set. Add candles or just leave as is – they’re a great accent to any decor!

Though they look great on my table, they’re headed to our Etsy store! (Click here)