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Whether it is home decor or fashion, we talk a lot about mixing vintage with everyday or modern pieces to create a unique look that is all yours.  I’ve recently rediscovered or acquired a few vintage pieces that are really becoming staples in my everyday wardrobe and my piece de resistance on more special outfits.  My outfit for the Kentucky Oaks (the big race on Friday before the Derby) was an example of mixing old and new to create a special look that was all me.

I recently found in one of my old jewelry boxes from when I was a kid, two necklaces that belonged to my great-grandmother.  These have become one of my go-to sets of necklaces because they work together or I can add a third for more of a layered look.  For the Oaks I added a long Kendra Scott necklace that has turquoise and amethyst quartz beads to add some color.

Many women wear hats or headpieces on Friday as well.  The past few years I’ve usually worn a headband or small fascinator, saving the big hat for the next day.  This year I went with an ivory headband that had a large bow.  I decided that the headband needed some sparkle and so I added this gorgeous brooch that Lainey gave me (she is an awesome friend!).  The brooch isn’t marked, but Lainey thinks it is from the late 1940s-1950s.  The stones are aurora and milk-stone rhinestones and the brooch is dome-shaped which makes it more sparkly.

Here is a picture of the whole outfit (I’ve nicknamed her Daffodil) and most of my family (my youngest brother is still in school and wasn’t able to make the trip).  We are a good looking bunch!  I also have to give props to my brother for having the guts to wear purple pants – they were pretty awesome!

My advice is to go play in the old costume jewelry that your mom, grandmother, etc saved for you.  Try it on with pieces you are already comfortable wearing and you will find it will get easier to make vintage jewelry a part of your look!