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Our friend Buddy celebrated his 30th birthday in style this past weekend. The modern and vintage flair was a perfect contrast to the serene and green great outdoors at his family’s ranch in Celina, Texas, north of Dallas.

The soiree was held at the home of Buddy’s Aunt and Uncle, a gorgeous Victorian style home.

Inside the house were a myriad of old-and -new mixed together, lending to the ambiance of traditional warmth and clean-line modern style. My favorite touch? The half bath papered in vintage-style maps, a tribute to Buddy’s Uncle’s profession as a pilot. Such a great way to integrate education and design!

The party was held in the ample backyard, which was set up perfectly for mixing cocktails and mingling with friends.

Lining the pool were white metal lanterns that echoed the lit paper lanterns in the trees.  Around the gate was a punchy strand of lantern lights-which added a dash of color to the otherwise fresh, verdant scheme.

Buddy did an amazing job of “theme”-ing his party – look how perfectly his mod invitation acted as a preview!

Our friend Christina really took the vintage flavor up a notch when she made her entrance in this fabulous and kicky 1940s-inspired cocktail dress!

A silver ice bucket found life as a wine bottle holder, while modern white buckets held beverages and sleek clear glass pitchers stood ready to use.

And a silver tray held the celebratory bubbly.

“Agua de Valencia” was the delicious drink of the evening. It’s Sangria’s cocktail cousin from the Valencian region in Spain, home of Valencia oranges.  This cocktail became popular for its cool, fresh taste among late-night party-goers in coastal Spain.  Buddy first enjoyed Agua de Valencia while studying at the Universitat de Valencia during college in 2003. We all certainly enjoyed the introduction!

–20 cL orange juice
–5 cL Gin
–5 cL Vodka
–70 cL Cava
–Pinch of sugar to taste
Add slices of oranges (Valencian, of course), lemons, and limes for added flavor and aesthetic appeal.  Serve chilled or over ice.

It should be noted that Buddy is an Anglophile. It was an even more wonderful birthday surprise, then, when his parents gave him a bottle of 25 year aged Scotch that was sold to commemorate Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding in 1981! Buddy’s parents have had it for these last 30 years and were just waiting for the right moment to give it to him! This bottle of Scotch is truly a vintage to be desired.

We ended the party as any rat-pack loving group would: with Scotch and cigars (and an unexpected dip in the pool).

Happy birthday, Buddy!!

All photos taken by the talented Steven Haal.