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Earlier this year, Lainey and I were estate saleing and came upon a fabulous mirrored side table at a Think Twice sale for $90.  I fell in love with the table so we went back to contemplate making the purchase.  Lainey, being the good friend she is, talked me out saying that I could replicate this table for a less (sometimes I need to be reminded I am on a student’s budget now) – and thus began my search for an inexpensive mirror to turn into a side table for my living room.

Here is a picture of my inspiration:

This weekend I struck gold at Junque in the Trunk and found this great oval mirror for $22!  Then, all that was needed was a base for the table.  I wanted my table to be about 24 inches tall and have pedastal legs.  After going to a few resale stores and the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, I found what I was looking for at the Stillwater Antique Mall for $10!  Spray paint and primer cost $10, and I used wood glue that I already have to adhere the mirror to the table.  The total cost of my table was $42!!

Here is the beginning:

The middle (super easy and took me less than 2 hours – including drying time):

The finished product:

I’ve got my new table in between my Hitchcock-style chairs and under a large mirror on the wall.  The best part is I now have a new place to display estate sale finds…I need to go shopping!!


P.S. An extra tip: if you don’t want to look like you are turning into the tin-woman (man) wear gloves!!