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I’m a magpie. It’s no secret. I have an Elizabeth Taylor sized love affair with jewelry. (I wish I had an Elizabeth Taylor funded love affair with jewelry.) So, it seems only appropriate that, in addition to my earrings being organized in beading boxes, my nice jewelry relegated to the fancy boxes they came in, and a treasure chest full of bangles, that my necklaces have their own vintage-style closet.

The Red Hen found this mini cabinet for me somewhere along the way. It’s yellow chippy paint made me feel bohemian and artsy, and when a 1920s glamazon (added courtesy of a very similar calendar) looked approvingly upon my choices for the day, I felt good. The other day, after the candlestick project, I had fresh eyes for this jewel box. No longer did the paint evoke a kitschy feel; instead, it glowered at me with cheap, machined scratches, begging to be given new life. It just wanted to fit in. (Note: I don’t think that all manufactured vintage is bad. But – you’ve got to admit: This is pretty terrible.)

So, I did what any self-respecting woman did: I spray-painted the heck out of it!

Freshly painted, and slightly askew. I blame the clear coat that I sprayed in close quarters.

Et voila! She’s shiny and new and much more chic. Perhaps not entirely vintage, but definitely inspired.