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As I mentioned on Wednesday, I have a thing for jewelry. I’ve seen a lot of friends on Facebook asking about the best ways to organize jewelry, so I figured I’d keep with the trend this week and give you a glimpse of the rest of my sparkly arrangements.

Cigar boxes are for more than just cigars! And this one, with it’s sliding plastic lid, allows my pins to be displayed without getting dusty.

A metal glove form adds needed height and is perfect for holding watches, a retro buckle bracelet, a cigar band, and my Grandfather’s deco red-stoned ring.

This pair of transferware teacups have a lovely pheasant scene, but I’m not much of a tea drinker. Instead, I’ve stacked them to display my collection of antique rosaries. A short stack like this would also be great for rings.

Always one for tradition, I can never seem to fully get away from the crystal ring holder – which acts as repository for my daily shed. I can’t help but think of the similarities between it and an orange juicer – perhaps these should be renamed jewelry juicers?

And what’s a girl without a some classic Chanel?

This wooden trunk used to hold coins from all over the world that my Great-Grandmother collected. It now holds bangles, which are often too large to go anywhere else.

Not in any way vintage (though, I’m sure you could find an old industrial sorter or an antique thread display case), these bead cases keep my earrings – old and new – untangled and happily separated. I keep a stack of these in my drawer.

The cases are great for oddly shaped jewelry, as well as any other things you may have in your drawer. This holds rings in their cases as well as a few vintage hankies, including the something blue from my wedding day.

I’m pretty sentimental, so there are just some boxes I can’t give up. The black marbled one on top was from a jewelry purchase when my family spent the summer in old Williamsburg, and there’s a note on the top that it also holds a bracelet from a childhood friend.

These little erzgebirge angels hold a sweet place in my heart. One is playing the flute – something we share, and the other has a broken halo – but the sweetest face. They were discarded from sale because of their flaws, but I just couldn’t let them go.

My dresser is definitely a mix of old and new – and it works great for me!