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Neither of us are British, or, really, Anglophiles…but we are Royalphiles. We are equal opportunity Royal watchers. So, it should come as no surprise that England’s Diamond Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s SIXTY years on the throne has us rapt. News outlets from all over the world are aggregating her “Best Ofs” – including theher style. We’d like to offer you a snippet of what we deem to be Queen Elizabeth’s best choices by decade, starting with her wedding.

1947- Elizabeth marries her Greek Prince. A truly radiant and classic beauty. (source)

1954 – Queen Elizabeth visits Australia. Matching lace parasol? How Vogue! (source)

1969 – Charles’ investiture. Notice-another parasol! (source)

1977 – Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee. Bare arms and ermine? FAB. (source)

1982 – Royal Ascot Style. Fun fact: “Fascinators have become so en vogue that the racecourse mandates a full hat like Elizabeth’s as part of its dress code, banning mere feather headbands.” (source)

1995 – South African Tour. Looking very on trend in the ’90s. (source)

2006 – Prince Harry’s Graduation. This is the Queen I have in my head when I think of her. Stately – but you see a twinkle of Grandmother in her eye. (source)

2007 – Africa Trip. Who said the Queen has conservative style? (I couldn’t resist this hat) (source)

2012 – Diamond Jubilee. May I live to be 80+ years old and still be this happy! (source)

As I put this together, I got sucked in to the royal jewels, including the crowns, tiaras, and brooches. I’m feeling a royal series coming on…

Read more about the Queen’s fabulous style at Vanity Fair, CNN, and People. I’ve kept up with Diamond Jubilee news, information, and photos on The Guardian.