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Decanters make a bar. Yes, the content is important–but, beauty depends on the quantity and quality of the beholders.

It’s taken hubs and I years to accumulate decanters. Granted, we have high standards, so we could have gotten done more quickly–but I believe that collections should be slowly and thoughtfully amassed. Christmases, birthdays, and other holidays have been celebrated with these crystal and glass wonders. We’ve been pretty particular with our purchases–only lead crystal, leaded glass or impressively cut glass, only ones with their original stoppers, and only ones that are less than $20. No lie, $20.

The bar was purchased at a second hand store. I was driving by one of my favorite places in downtown/East Dallas and saw it through the window. I knew it had good bones and needed to be ours. It may be missing a cross/support bar, and the cabinet doors may not have originally closed, but it is perfect. And, it is heavy. A little sweat equity brought this bar into manly perfection–new hardware, mounted internal lights, and a concerted stocking effort.

Everything on the top of the bar is ready for use. Glasses crowd the space between decanters. A silver tray and pitcher are ready to be served. The Gentleman’s Companion: Volume II Exotic Drink Book is ready for consult. Glass stirrers wait in a silver cup for their day of service. Straws are kept in an old fashioned soda fountain holder, next to the functioning (and frequently used) Ice-O-Matic. Decorative liquor tags have been difficult to find. I keep the first three I ever found in a picture frame as bar art – and until I find one for every decanter, there they will stay! I have no idea what that silver holder was originally intended for, so it acts as the coaster repository.

Our bar serves as a centerpiece in the social part of our loft. It’s admired, fully functional, and a great statement piece of furniture.


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