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We’re pleased that today’s post is a collaboration with Rocquelle of Consider Me Lovely. While some of us dream about how to mix our vintage with modern, Rocquelle makes it happen! On top of that, she’s made this style trend completely accessible. She’s got 6 tips for Mixing Modern and Vintage that we couldn’t help but share! Before we get to the tips, we had to know a little more about the gal behind the blog:

What is it about vintage clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories that you love?
“The thing I love most about vintage jewelry, clothing, and accessories (I’ve never bought vintage shoes), is how special each piece is.  I have yet to see someone owning and wearing the exact vintage item that I own and wear.”

What are your three favorite vintage pieces?
“My three favorite vintage pieces are…hhmmm…a two strand necklace made of very large pearls given to me by my Granny, a peach chiffon midi skirt that I found in my mom’s closet, and a gold jacket with rhinestone button and a peplum shape! (picking the third one was SO hard lol)”

Why mix modern and vintage?
“Fashion is a constant cycle so what is on trend now was on trend before, it’s a great way to lessen your carbon footprint on the world, but my main reason for mixing modern and vintage is the special personal style I have developed as a result.”

Favorite outfit?
“When I was still trying to find my blogging groove, I shared an outfit of a high waist blush skirt from Forever 21, a the vintage gold jacket I mentioned in question 2, a vintage silk printed blouse peeking through, grey peep-toe pumps by Jessica Simpson, vintage pearls, and a mix of other modern and vintage jewelry that I wore to church on Easter 2011; I keep planning to wear it again someday.”

What’s the one thing you want your readers to come away with after reading a post?
“I want my readers to come away feeling like they are one of my girlfriends (which is why I write like I am having a conversation with one of my friends), like they can play with color, prints, accessories, and silhouettes to make their own style statement, that they don’t have to fit the societal norm of beauty to be stylish, confident, and gorgeous, and that they leave my blog feeling positive or uplifted in some way.”

And now, drumroll please, Consider Me Lovely’s 6 Tips for Mixing Modern and Vintage:

1.  Throw on a piece (or 2 or 3 or 4 pieces) of jewelry.

Before I ever owned a piece of vintage clothing, I started collecting vintage jewelry from my granny, and the rest was history!! Having on an entirely trendy outfit, with vintage jewelry takes your outfit from the everyday fad to one of a kind!  These days everyone loves a good wrist soiree, throw on some vintage bangles/bracelets with bangles/bracelets from Forever 21 or Bauble Bar, for example, and you’ll be smitten.”

[Lainey] I know Coco Chanel was famous for suggesting that a woman should take a piece of jewelry off before leaving the home – but I disagree (within reason). I do stand behind her quote “A woman should mix fake and real.” – which I think speaks well to integrating costume jewelry into the day-to-day!

2.  Add a layering piece.

“I love to wear vintage blazers with everything!  They are great to throw on over jeans and a tea or a dress. Vintage sweaters, jackets, dusters, and blazers are great for making a statement, like my gold jacket that I will throw on to spruce up any outfit (do people still say spruce? lol).  These layering piece can range from light jackets and sleeveless vest for summer to coats and sweater dusters for Fall.”

[Lainey] This is a wonderful idea – and a great way to try something non-committal. Feel sheepish once you’ve left the confines of your closet? Take it off! Then reintroduce it later in the night, and, if need be, blame it on the chill. The important thing is to be brave enough to bring it with you. And yes, I think spruce is the perfect term!

3.  Start with one vintage item per outfit.

“Just as simple as throwing on a piece of vintage jewelry, is finding and wearing one vintage piece at a time. This means that you don’t have to think too much about not looking like you’re from a completely different decade (unless that’s your goal), as I know the fear of looking outdated is what keeps some people from shopping vintage.  I adore vintage skirts and blouses, probably because me and my 45″ hips don’t find pants that easy, and they are super simple to style when I am in a time crunch, as well as when I’m not!”

[Lainey] Start small. It can be daunting to put on a waspy, a-line dress from the 1950’s — but a bauble or accessory is a much smaller feat. And, stick with classic pieces – Ralph Lauren from the 1970s is the same (or, better, really) than it is today – and you’ll have a hard time pinpointing the difference. Good design is good design.

4.  Grab some sequins or beading.

Have an event to go to (or not)? Just want a little sparkle for the day?  Then vintage sequins and beading  is your friend! While I am drawn to sparkly things when I am out shopping at the stores today, there is something statement making about the intricacy of vintage sequins and beaded pieces.  Wear it in daytime if your really want to make a statement :).”

[Lainey] As a self-proclaimed magpie, I 100% support this idea in it’s entirety.

5.  Accessorize with modern items.

Once you’ve accumulated a few vintage items, you”ll probably end up like me, wearing outfits in which all of the clothes are vintage. These kind of outfits can be updated with your modern shoes, belts, and purses. Adding modern accessories to vintage outfits is a great way to still embrace trends and ensure your look doesn’t appear accidentally outdated.  (Trust me, if I look like an old lady from the 50′s, it’s on purpose, lol.)

[Lainey] This is what it boils down to, for me: updating. Making vintage modern and chic while still embracing what is so fabulous about it in the first place.

6.  Play with trends.

Let’s face it; fashion is a continuous cycle.  The platforms and flared jeans you wear now, you or your mom wore in the 70′s.  Midi skirts were a plenty in the 50′s and 60′s.  Those graphic leggings and pants on trend now were super hot in the 80′s.  Y’all get the picture!  Use the mix of vintage and modern to take on trends. Printed pants, midi skirts, graphic trousers, polka dots, etc. can be found in thrift stores and vintage shops all over the world. Throw on some neon, an opposing print, stripes, etc. and you are instantly on trend while still having a style of your own.

[Lainey] I couldn’t say it better myself! Fashion is a continuous cycle.

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Thanks again, Rocquelle! We completely agree with your tips – they are the gateway to adding vintage to your daily duds. Your style makes mixing genres and style look chic and effortless!