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Though I’d love to take credit for the trend, as I posted about it a while ago and tell all my friends…it seems that coral is enjoying the design spotlight. Not the color–the sea creature. I do love getting confirmation on my decor hunches, and today’s is brought to you by one of my stalwarts: Country Living magazine (July/August 2012).

The colored coral had me upset until I read that it was faux. While The Attic Birds certainly champion painting and refinishing to your hearts desire, there’s something about altering a relic that seems wrong. Coral is no longer harvested as it was cavelierly in the past, so large pieces are somewhat a rarety.

Here are some beautiful coral accents from Veranda Magazine (July/August 2011).

Coral adds a bit of whimsy, the sea, and a touch of the great outdoors to any decoration. As it’s (usually) a neutral color, so it lends itself to any decor.

Its also season-less. During the rest of the year, the coral in my centerpiece reminds me that warmer weather and beaches are just around the corner. Noe that summer is here, I’ve livened up the monochrome with lemons.


I’ve also got a hurricaine on a bookshelf that holds a large piece (as you may remember from this post about bookshelves).


And I have a small piece that broke off of my larger ones taking residence on a shelf in the bathroom. (Shelves which, I’m now noticing, are a little crooked!)



Shopping Guide:
As shown in Country Living, Z Gallerie has faux coral:


As does Pottery Barn:

And Neiman Marcus Home: