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Something we’ve been seeing a lot lately are vintage gemstone gardens. These gardens are Asian (or Asian-style) and are typically bonsai-styled trees in a cloisonné planter. Cloisonné is an enamel styling when the lines between different pieces of enamel are lined with a metal wire (silver, gold, brass, etc.). It’s visually similar to the way soldering is used between pieces of a stained glass window.

Stones in these miniature gardens include many shades of jade, quartz, carnelian, rock crystal, amethyst, jadeite, and granite, among others – some common, some uncommon. These precious and semi-precious floral displays were commonly souvenirs for those who traveled to the East, as well as those who appreciate the culture. Jade trees are also used in Feng Shui. Each stone used has a different meaning and purpose in Eastern culture. Jade gardens are things of beauty and purpose!

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