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Before California Closets, wardrobes were the stylish way to maintain your style at home. While out estate sale-ing last weekend, Emily and I came across this wonderful piece of furniture. I, of course, fell in love – but have no room for such a substantial piece. Or need, really. Other than it’s awesome factor.

This particular wardrobe is “A Homeworthy Fitrobe by D.M. Davies of Slough.”Slough?, you ask? Yes, Slough, UK.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to find out much more about this company. However, I did find an advertisement – which is not only informational, but classic mid-century! (courtesy of UK’s HistoryWorld.) According to this ad, we encountered a “Super Fitrobe” in walnut.

The wood grain of the outside, and the lack of wear on the inside of this wardrobe was really incredible. The pictures don’t do the glow of the wood justice. The metal bars were gleaming, the glass was fragile and tinny, and the name plates for each section looked as if they’d just been nailed on. Each partitioned area has a purpose:

A dish for studs and a rack for ties:

A shelf for hats and sundries:

Glassed shelves to keep your shirts and underwear dust-free:

Drawers for collars, handkerchiefs, gloves, and socks:

And lower shelves for pyjamas and sportswear:

Just as there were often slipper chairs, fainting sofas, and seated vanities in dressing areas, this wardrobe is a vestige of a time when getting ready for the day was a production, not a hurry. A man is practically his own haberdasher with a Fitrobe such as this!