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I’m acutely aware of the spoiler buzz that’s been going on, as it seems you can’t be active in social media or read the news without knowing who wins what in the Olympics – before you have the chance to watch it. So, I’ll start with this warning: If you haven’t seen the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics yet, then this post will spoil some things for you. Stop reading now, watch it online, then come back!

Now that that’s out of the way, can we talk about the QUEEN?!?! She obviously have a great sense of humor – pardon – humour, as shown by her choice in dapper escort (*ahem* Bond, James Bond) and her remarkable entrance (cue: parachuting man in drag). On top of that, she has incredible style. She’s 80, folks. She just pushed her milliners and seamstresses to the brink by looking chic throughout her Diamond Jubilee, and now she pulls out this age-appropriate pink satin, lace, and sequin number. Add to that a kicky feather fascinator and HUGE diamonds, and you’ve got one stylish Queen!

Credit: WENN

Let’s talk about the diamonds. In particular, the King William IV brooch.

Credit: Jewelry News Network

According to my new favorite read Jewelry News Network, this Royal sparkler is also known as Queen Adelaide’s Brooch – Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen, the wife of William IV. “The gems came from a diamond-studded Bade of the Order of the Bath that had belonged to his father King George III.”

Talk about up-cycling! I’d love to find a commoner’s version of this brooch; in fact, I’ll take two.