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I think Lainey and I come up with pretty good ideas, though most of them are borrowed or inspired by others who share similar interests. My latest project idea was both borrowed and inspired by a tv show on HGTV. I saw a team turn a bed into a bench on one of the competition shows and I knew this was a project I could do if I could get my dad to “assist” me (I don’t play with power tools yet).

My first step was to find a bed frame that would work. This part was somewhat difficult because I was being cheap and didn’t just want any wooden bed – I had to like the design, too. One weekend I was home visiting my parents and was shopping at Junque in the Trunk, and we came across exactly what I was looking for! Junque in the Trunk does an awesome job of transforming items into sassy, amazing pieces, and they do it for a very reasonable price. My favorite part of their store is outside, where the pieces are usually marked waaaay down and need some TLC. Outside is where I found the bed that would become my bench!

Once I had the bed purchased, it was time to surprise my dad with the new project we were going to work on while I was visiting! I figured if I already had the main materials he couldn’t really say no; plus, he loves my surprises. Luckily for me, he was into the idea and it didn’t take much convincing. Learning from the iron chandelier fiasco – I made sure to keep the bed out of the path of any motor vehicles!

The basic idea of the bench is that the headboard would be the back, the footboard would be cut into 2 sides, and we would build a seat. My goal was to spend as little as possible on this project, so we decided to use scrap wood that we had, and only had to buy paint and a little bit of hardware. Once we started cutting there was no going back! The pictures below show the transformation process.

I chose a mossy green paint for this one – buttery yellow and bright purple were some of my other choices. The end result is a very cute bench that works both indoors or outdoors. My mom has already hijacked my bench and accessorized it with pillows.

The best part for me was getting to hang out with my dad for several uninterrupted hours. With the busyness of our lives, and my living 6 hours away, we haven’t had the opportunity to do anything just father and daughter. Not only are we proud of our accomplishment, but when I look at the bench I have the memories of building it with my dad. Those memories make the bench even more special, and I’m already looking for my next ambush project!

If you want to do a similar project, there are several blogs that give step by step instructions. The Attic Birds (and dad) are also happy to build a one of a kind bench for you!

Life’s a bench – take a load off!!