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A few weeks ago, my brother and his girlfriend passed through Stillwater during his move from Boston to Temple, TX for medical school. At dinner, they animatedly talked about the huge antique mall in Kansas City where they stopped to take a driving break. The pit stop was successful – not only did they find some old medicine bottles, but they also bought two wooden crates that they were really excited about. Part of our dinner conversation was about what to do with the crates. They are old wine crates and were too small to turn into side tables or coffee tables and too pretty to be hidden somewhere. My suggestion was to hang them on the wall and use them as shadow boxes.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I am in Texas visiting the new apartment and got the chance to see the final product! Ted hung both crates together, alternating the direction to add some interest. One crate houses picture frames and some chalices he picked up during his African travels (he has spent his past 3 summers doing medical missions in Africa). The other displays his antique medical items, including the antique microscope I gave him for Christmas.

The whole family is getting in on the crate-craze! My mom recently purchased one from a store going out of business. The plan for this one is to slide in a middle shelf and find a place for it at the lakehouse (assuming I don’t hijack it first).

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Apple crates used as a wall unit.

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