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An easy way to update and freshen tired, old things is to paint them! Chalkboard paint is one of those brilliant inventions that I wished I had thought of (I’d be rich, living on the beach, sipping on margaritas all day)! If you have children, chalkboard paint is a no brainer – your kids can express themselves on all kinds of surfaces.

However, chalkboard paint is not just for children! Painting silver-plated trays is an elegant way to decorate a kitchen to display tonight’s menu, and can even be used as alternative to a wreath on the door.

I recently helped set up for a “southern” themed wedding shower and was relegated to door decorating duty. The hostess-in-charge (there were over 10 hostesses) purchased this round tray with a handle and wanted it hanging from the door as guests arrived. With a little tulle, magnolia branch, and strategically placed twist ties, we managed to create a beautiful entrance that set the tone for the whole party:

The tulle makes this very wedding-y. For every day use I’d switch the tulle for some ribbon. You could change the ribbon and message on the tray to match the season/holiday!

Chalkboard paint is being used every where nowadays – on furniture, walls, and in our case on trays! Anyone can upcycle, the challenge is looking beyond the original use and seeing the full potential of things!

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