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The Attic Birds have had a pretty busy week!  We’ve celebrated our 1st Anniversary and took some time to reflect on all the cool things we’ve done, Lainey went to Houston for work, and I started my 2nd year in my PhD program in Oklahoma!! Today’s post also brings us full circle: we’re hunting for the perfect set of reclaimed doors for a friend – and doors is where it all started for the Attic Birds. It’s been an incredible first year, and we look forward to many, many more doors.

I have to discuss these gorgeous french doors from the 1920s that we found.  What makes these doors unique from other french doors, is the beautiful iron scroll detail.  When I saw the pictures of the doors, I immediately started trying to figure out where I could put these in my house.

One idea Lainey and I came up with was just to prop them up against the wall.  This would work in my living room, and I could put a table in front to really make it a focal point in the room.  Miss Mustard Seed has a similar idea and uses doors and shutters as her “secret weapon”.

Another idea was to turn one of the doors sideways and create a sofa table or buffet-style table.  It is pretty easy to find reclaimed table legs, and by adding in my dad’s wonderful carpentry skills, we’ve got ourselves a table.  You can find all sorts of examples of doors being used as tables.  I really like what Sweet Pickins did with a solid wood door:


It’s well known that we both have a penchant for doors (specifically, I like to buy them before I have any idea what to do with them). I’m literally straddling the fence of to buy or not to by – as I, again, don’t know what I would do with these doors, but the iron scrolls look like Es – and I can’t help but think it’s a sign!  Don’t be surprised if you find pictures of me and my new doors on here in the near future!

Once we find the right closet doors for our friend, we’ll post the end results here!  Stay tuned!!