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Upcycling runs in the family. And I don’t mean my parents – though I did certainly learn a LOT from them. I’m talking about the whole family – and, in this case, my Uncle Barry. I saw this posted on his Facebook page last weekend, and felt a swell of pride:

My Uncle gave me the full story of this great Saturday project:
This is the cash drawer from a 1925 cash register. It was rusted beyond repair and in really bad shape. I found it in the garage. I thought that the wooden cash drawer would make a good dresser valet.

It wasn’t easy getting the drawer out. Lots of rusted screws had to be removed before the cover of the register could be removed. I left the coil spring on to hold the charging cords to keep them from falling behind the dresser.

Lots of room to hold iPhone while charging. Thought that it was interesting that there were only two compartments for bills. Apparently not as much a need for paper money in 1925.

Once out the drawer just needed a good cleaning. The case was pretty grubby. I pulled out a dirt dauber habitat and a big roach crawled out before I got the remains of the cash register to the curb for trash pick up. [I’m sure my Aunt Lisa was ready for it to be out of her house!] By the way, the husk of the beast stayed on the curb for about five minutes before somebody got it. I assume it’ll be sold as scrap. It was REALLY heavy. Had to haul it to the curb on a dolly. Not iron, just rusty old steel. Found an old Exxon credit card slip from the 1970s I guess. Probably the last time it was used.

Their house was built in the 1905, but they just moved in a few months ago – so there’s no telling when this cash register came to live on their property! And, in his words: One person’s trash truly is another’s treasure. You never know what you’re going to find to re-do, and your only limit is your imagination!

When Uncle Barry isn’t turning trash into treasure, he’s the senior pastor at First United Methodist Church in Alexandria, LA. He also writes bimonthly articles for The Town Talk – great words for thought.

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