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I have a confession to make: we very nearly called it in this week. There was going to be a post about how tired we were because of the CRAZY hours we kept last weekend while polishing and cleaning 100+ pieces of silver and crystal…and then Fashion’s Night Out (Dallas) happened. I went to the Neiman Marcus at NorthPark and was shocked to see so many vintage influences! Yes fashion is cyclical – but I’m talking REAL antique and vintage stuff!

My eyes first connected with a table for Anthony Luciano. Heard of him? If you haven’t yet, you definitely will. His niche? Re-purposing vintage and antique handbag frames and creating new bags. We’re talking everything from Victorian sterling silver, Edwardian beads, Whiting & Davis metal, to mid-century wood, bakelite, and beyond! His creations are truly beautiful works of art.

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Anthony was incredibly gracious and kind when I met him – he was doing a trunk show for FNO. My understanding is that he has a line of bags and he also does bespoke bags through select Neiman’s stores and his studio in NYC. I hope he was able to create some great pieces for us to see around town!

As I gathered more information from his website, I found that he sews a penny into each of his bags. Why? “An age old Italian tradition of putting a money inside a gifted handbag or wallet has now become a trademark of an Anthony Luciano handbag. Buona Fortuna!” What a lovely brand component!

Anthony’s website is under construction, but his Facebook is active – check him out! (And, thank him for giving this tired girl some much needed inspiration!)