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Both of my parents are creative individuals who have the ability to take an idea and execute it into something awesome. However, any “crafty” abilities I possess have been inherited from my mom.

A few months ago, my parents were having some friends over for a small dinner party, and mom decided she wanted to serve dessert “differently”. So, she made individual cake stands for each guest! Mom found inexpensive glass candlesticks and small plates at the dollar store. With a little adhesive, she ended up with an unique and trendy way to impress her guests!

If you want a set for your next dinner party, stores like Marshall’s sometimes have small plate sets that you can get inexpensively. If you want to keep things vintage, antique stores and estate and garage sales usually have trouble getting rid of orphaned plates (which equals major savings).

These mini-cake stands are easy to make and are great as party favors or gifts. Using a mixture of plate sizes, you can make tiered stands to display finger foods or appetizers!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the plates with dessert on them so you’ll just have to imagine these with your favorite dessert on them (chocolate cake…yumm!!).