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Stop whatever you’re doing and call in sick for Monday through Wednesday. Then, plan to sleep in your car (it’s likely too late to find a place) and have one heck of a time! You never know what the weather is going to be – sometimes it monsoons, sometimes it snows, and sometimes it’s just hot. Weather doesn’t matter much out here, though – shoppers will be scurrying around to find their next good buy, and dealers will be standing by, eager to show you their best!

Marburger Farm is one of the most fun venues in Round Top, Texas. I’ve worked it in the past, and let me tell you – these shoppers are serious. A cowbell (no lie) is rung at 10am, and those with early-bird tickets run (literally, run!) to the antiques! On the site – a real farm during the “off”-season – are 10 tents and 12 historic buildings that are filled to the flaps and windows with primitives, early American, European, kitsch, and anything else you can imagine – ready to come home with you. You can walk or rent a golfcart – but you have to get around.

If I were going, I’d be sure to check out the General Store – that’s where the Commandant’s Cottage Antiques and Books will be with none other than the Red Hen! She’ll have books, ephemera, maps, Studer’s bird prints…a little of everything! The bird prints are my personal favorite – I picked up this blue bird and flamingo while she was prepping them for the show. Stop by, shop, and tell her hi for me!

So, you can’t make it next week? It’s ok – this antique festival happens twice a year! We’ll let you know the Spring dates as soon as we hear them.

In the meantime, see drool-worthy pics and read updates on the Marburger Farm Facebook page.