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Have you ever heard of a “wallydug”? You’re not alone! I hadn’t either! But, we posted a preview of Antique Elegance the other week, and a reader from Scotland said she liked the Wallydugs that were pictured. I looked through the pictures I’d posted and process of elimination pointed me to this:

I did some research and found that the etymology of “wallydug” is Scottish and refers to Staffordshire dogs. Our reader Claire is from Scotland, which makes sense, as my digging showed that “wally” refers to china or porcelain, and “dug” is dog (unsure if it’s accent or slang driven). Check out her blog here.

So, there you have it! Bonus of today’s lesson? Stuffy Staffordshire now has some much needed youthfulness! I think I need a Wallydug or two to “protect” my mantle!