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While perusing Pinterest (I prefer “perusing” to “endless, time-suckingly surfing”), I came across this great pin: (original source):

My husband and I left our newlywed apartment a while ago, but I didn’t take the key off for almost 6 months after the move! I kept it in a special place, not willing to throw it away. It’s a little silly, as home is wherever we are together, and we’ve had really wonderful times in our loft – but I have such fond memories of being freshly married, cooking terribly, and basking in a flood of fancy wedding gifts.

I picked up this frame at an estate sale on a whim a few months ago:

I thought book pages would be too dark, so I chose from a few craft papers I had on hand:

Adding ribbon gave my key some pizzazz:

Using superglue, I attached the key to the paper – both on the ribbon and on the bottom of the key – just to be sure it is secure and doesn’t fall off:

I had some labels left over from a previous project, so I made a placard for the frame, and done!

And now this frame is a little piece of us on our bookshelf:

All in all, this project only took about fifteen minutes from start to finish. It’s a nice way to personalize something rather mundane and makes for a great conversation piece. I think this would be a sweet anniversary gift for your spouse, a thank you for your mom and dad, or a keepsake for your roommate.