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Ever walk into a cafe or coffee shop and marvel at the beautiful handwriting and flourishes on the blackboard? I frequently find myself trying to sneak a nonchalant picture and then studying and practicing the penmanship at a later time. Handwriting is becoming obsolete. Even as I write this post, I realize that I can’t remember the last time I wrote something other than my rent check. I want to be better at taking the time to send a handwritten card, write my hubs a note, and take notes on paper, rather than electronically.

At Antique Elegance the other weekend, the Red Hen had a reference book for business and personal correspondence, and some of the most beautiful plates of calligraphy I’ve ever seen. Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms, by Thomas Hill; published by Standard Book Co. in 1883 (36th edition). Below are pictures I took of the pages – amazing examples of flourishes, birds, and letters!

Aren’t they great? I hope to use these to improve my abilities; you know what they say – practice makes perfect!