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Much like the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, there comes a (much less frequent) changing of the dining room centerpiece. As I was hunting around for inspiration, I found this — and while there’s nothing vintage about it, I LOVE IT!But, in the tradition of this blog, and having a centerpiece that will last through to Thanksgiving, I’ve opted for a treasure hunt around the loft instead! I usually keep a silver tray on my dining table, but I try to keep the contents seasonally neutral. The fall weather has arrived in Dallas, and so has the desire to add some autumnal flavor.

I found a lot of things in the house that would work – but decide that whatever I used as the fall inspiration would determine what ended up on the tray. I picked up this fall decoration at a craft store and pulled each branch off, twisting any leftover wire on itself.

I used the flexibility to my advantage, adding layers of height and depth with the sprigs. I then opted for a few simple items to put on the tray with a loose base.

A handful of hard-earned corks, a pair of family heirloom silver candlesticks, and a thrifted decanter are warmly updated with a few well-placed sprigs of red, orange, and brown berries.

With minimal effort and monetary input, this centerpiece looks great from every angle, and is low enough that conversations won’t be interrupted. This, with a few other fall berry touches on other surfaces, will hold me over until I can start dreaming of a white Christmas!